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"There are at least two ways
to measure a life: the human one,
and the universe's grander score
of expanse, immensity, collapse.
I lie awake to the wash of it."

                                 Rebecca Brock


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“Whether Brock is writing about beloved members of her family or inhabitants of the natural world, she shines a radiant beam upon them, crafted with what seems like almost instinctual imagery, so the reader can view her subjects the way that she does. That light is joy; it is gratitude; it is honesty...In The Way Land Breaks, light purifies. And Brock knows how to wield it as a blessing.”

           —Jen Karetnick, author of The Burning Where Breath Used to Be, Founder and Managing Editor, SWWIM Magazine

“Rebecca Brock’s poems are birthed into a landscape of questions. In carefully crafted, vulnerable poems, Brock attests that “looking too close at anything might prove / unbearable,” but she looks anyway, redeeming the bewildering aspects of relationships with wonder and deep love. She gathers “the things / that can’t be said” and fearlessly speaks them in this beautiful collection.”

                —Sandy Coomer, author of The Broken Places, Founder and Director, Rockvale Writers’ Colony


 “In richly detailed lyrics, Rebecca Brock considers life’s unconformities, applying a geological metaphor to life as a daughter, wife, and mother. From the American West, where unconformities are visible in rock formations, to the East Coast, and in the air above them, Brock’s observations and meditations invite her readers to travel with her into the landscapes of the soul.”

               —Pat Valdata, author of Inherent Vice, Where No Man Can Touch, Eve’s Daughters

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“In Rebecca Brock’s chapbook, Each Bearing Out, children ask questions of time that none of us can answer. Here, the poet articulates every mother’s fear: what will be lost in my hands, what will refuse to be carried?"  

         —Remica Bingham-Risher, author of Starlight & Error

“Rebecca Brock’s piercing, honest poems describe moments in the ordinary life of a mother that make vividly clear what we sometimes would rather not think about: the fragility of life, the pain of love.”   

           —Alice Mattison, author of Conscience

"She makes the equation between the precarious nature of her children's burgeoning selves and that of the fragile health of the globe they will inherit. In these poignantly beautiful poems, despite terrors both human and environmental, love and nature abide.”  

             —Laurie Zimmerman, author of Bright Exit

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